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I remember watching Oprah a few years back. The show that particular day was about making the best use of a small apartment. As a New Yorker, I was intrigued. One couple lived here in New York in a small one bedroom in the West Villlage. When I say small, I mean the space could not have been more than like 400 square feet max. But they loved the neighborhood. They loved the community. And they loved their apartment, tiny closet and all. They’d learned how to make an uber confined space work for them (and their new baby if I recall correctly!)

Towards the end of the segment, the woman shared her wardrobe secret. She said, “I always leave space for new and fabulous items to come my way. Her rule was that 10% of her closet must always remain empty in order to call these new things in. If a piece of clothing came in, another item she no longer enjoyed went out to be sold, donated or simply tossed in the trash if it was in terrible shape and couldn’t benefit someone else. Pretty smart right?

What if we adopted her wardrobe secret for ourselves? What if we applied this technique to our businesses and lives? I personally believe this kind of thought process is mandatory to enable real change, to create space for new and fabulous things to enter our lives.

Most of us know that New Year’s resolutions don’t work yet we make them year after year anyway. They don’t work because they don’t dig deep enough. They don’t address the overarching why. Learning how to coach yourself to see what lies beneath the surface is difficult, and often painful, so we skip it. We say things like, this year I’ll loose 20 pounds or earn another 10K or just be nicer to people.

It’s not any of those resolutions are bad or wrong. It’s just that they are very surface. They don’t actually mean or address all that much.

If you’ve made these kinds of resolutions for 2015, I suggest you toss them. They are going to remain in your way and may even make you feel bad or guilty if you’re not in action around them. Get rid of them, and let’s start over. Let’s clear some stuff out of our lives so we can really start to see what needs to change.

A few days ago I cleaned out my closet, so to speak. I unsubscribed a significant number of people from this newsletter.


They weren’t reading it. Getting emails in their probably already cluttered inbox was not serving them, and it certainly was not serving me. It’s not much fun to write to someone who doesn’t read your stuff or speak to people who don’t listen. Yet, we all do it sometimes—in our jobs, our personal lives … We think it’s just business as usual. This is the job. This is the relationship. This is the way it is.


I’m writing because I want to, because I hope to impart some value and because I want to create the possibility of connecting now or in the future about your business and life. I don’t have to do it. I choose to do it.

So I want you to let go of (or make a plan to let go of) everything that doesn’t serve you. Job. Boyfriend. Girlfriend. Friend. Apartment. Clients. That bag of potato chips. Whatever! Just do it.

Trust me you will feel super empowered after you let these things go and open up the space for better things and people to enter your life.

Right now let go of one thing. Even if you’re at the office and it’s the pen that just kinda sorta works, throw it in the trash! I will give you a minute to complete this task …

Ok. Great job!

I wish so much for you this year. May you go after and get everything your heart desires. Happy 2015. It’s gonna be a great one!