Strategy, Research + Facilitation Testimonials

jim“I hired Brooke to design and execute in-depth interviews for a client that had a VERY tight timeline. Brooke was able to learn the subject matter, write the guide, conduct 15 interviews and deliver the report in less than seven days. My client was pleased with her ability to identify emotional drivers of their target audience, make a recommendation for next steps and capture the essence of the interviews in a concise report.”

-Jim Longo, Co-founder at Discuss IO

sarva“Brooke blends strong research skills and knowledge of the industry with creativity and great sensitivity to the needs of her clients. Brooke’s heartfelt desire to make a difference through her work truly shone through every phase of our project. She provided our nonprofit with a strong framework to use going forward.”

-Sarva Rajendra, Executive Director at Sahasra Deepika Foundation

kimberly“Brooke came at just the right time, helping us see through our program’s brand identity from beginning to end. Her enthusiasm and dedication to this project, even during her downtime, was infectious and inspiring. We definitely couldn’t have done it without Brooke’s commitment and willingness to be a visionary!”

-Kimberely Cheng, Digital Media and Education Officer at World Federation of the United Nations

irene“Brooke has the natural ability to think in terms of the big picture while making sure all parts of what she presents tell a fluid and cohesive story.  She is a leader who knows that the best work is achieved from inspiring all team members to their maximum potential.  As a holistic thinker, Brooke is very resourceful, typically coming up with ‘out of the box’ ideas and methods”.

-Irene Lilly, Strategist at Leo Burnett Advertising

daniel“I’ve known Brooke to be an incredibly motivated, passionately creative and wildly sophisticated planner. She has a holistic approach to insight generation that allows her to capture relevant information that connects with audiences on an emotional level. She’s active in the advertising community and seeks out opportunities that allow her to maximize her impact. A wonderfully resourceful strategist.”

-Daniel Berkal, The Palmerston Group

kristin“Brooke knows brands. Having worked on several projects with her, she has the unique ability of finding the identity so many brands are searching for. She pulls from real life experiences, questions the status quo, and stays relevant with today’s culture to deliver a strategy that is specific and effective. The passion, dedication and drive Brooke puts into each project makes me look forward to working with her again.”

-Kristin Campbell, Associate Creative Director at Avrett Free Ginsberg

salim“Brooke appropriately challenged our thinking and did a great job of bringing forward a different perspective. Brooke also gets rave reviews for her collaborative spirit and passion for getting things done. I sincerely enjoy working with her, and I’m thankful she was on my team.”

-Salim Holder, Senior Brand Manager at Prestige Brands

Hayley“Brooke is a committed, self-starter whose knowledge of branding has contributed to the scaling of multiple nonprofit organizations. As a speaker, she relates to others through her honesty and excitement for the world around her. She is dedicated to the success of others and quickly caters to any task at hand. Her generous spirit is catching and is infused in each relationship she develops and every body of work she produces.”

-Hayley Samuelson, Storytelling Officer at Catchafire


Coaching Program Testimonials

diane“Brooke was an answered prayer. Her coaching is phenomenal. It’s a deep yet pointed conversation aimed at uncovering useful information about yourself. It’s an exciting treasure hunt with Brooke as your guide, where you are guaranteed to walk away with the jewels you can use to build a rich life-a life you’ll love.”

-Diane Johnson, Former Miss Jamaica/Youth Mentor

Greg“I help brands define who they are and what their meaningful impact could be. Ironically, I’ve hadn’t applied that same lens to my brand. Brooke’s workshop helped me to ask the right questions about myself and what I have to offer. The idea of branding myself was never on my radar until Brooke reinforced the value each of us bring to the marketplace and the importance of clearly communicating that value to the world.”

-Greg Hewitt, Innovation Director at Seek Company

Kelsy“Brooke’s workshop makes great use of specific activities that allow you to think about your own brand. She helped me pinpoint specific goals and activities and also create deadlines, all of which pushed my progress further. Brooke makes use of great questions that get you to see not only what directions you want to go in, but just as importantly, the directions that you don’t want to go.”

-Kelsy Saulsbury, Consumer Understanding and Insights Manager at Hallmark

Tara“ About a year ago, I felt ‘stuck’ in my life. I was repeating old behaviors that weren’t getting me anywhere. I deeply wanted change but I didn’t know how to go about it. Brooke showed me how to approach my thoughts in a way that became workable. Thru her coaching, I was able to get clear on what it was I really wanted to do and as a result, it became easier to complete those goals. I felt a renewed sense of confidence in myself.”

-Tara Soloman, Director at Morgan Stanley

Julio“Brooke is a talented, smart woman who I LOVE for being straightforward. Her level of creativity and dedication makes her an outstanding coach. She played a key role helping me overcome many life challenges. Thank you, Brooke!”

-Dr. Julio Ballestas, MD

Salony“Brooke is super talented, energetic and gifted at being direct and to the point. She will inspire and challenge you to bring forth the greatness within you. I can’t thank her enough for helping me stay focused on my projects and channel my energy towards what I wanted. I am truly grateful to her for directing my energy towards my life’s purpose! ”

-Salony Setya, MA, LPC, Clinical supervisor/Private Consultant

scott“Brooke is an amazing person and coach. She has an innate ability to help you dig with in yourself to find the tools necessary to be successful in every aspect of your life. Her coaching has had a huge impact on my life and helped shape me into who I am today.”

-Scott Gudmanson, Private Banking at Credit Suisse/Former Pro Hockey Player

stephen“Brooke is someone who you need in your life for coaching on branding, personal achievement, and any other aspect of your life that requires powerful insight into the image that you have of yourself and that you portray to others. I have personally seen a number of breakthroughs in my life with her close guidance. She is no doubt an expert leader.”

-Stephen Reyes, Adjunct Professor/Actor

vicki“There is no substitute for a good coach. Brooke is first rate! She listened deeply and with empathy. She asked the questions that stirred-up answers that pointed to what was next for me, and then she helped me figure out the best actions to get me there. I am grateful for the opportunity to work together.”

-Vicki Kramer Nathan, Positive Psycholgy-based Life and Creativity Coach



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