For a while now, years perhaps, I’ve been talking about the value of mentorship. I have tried to seek it out as I transitioned from one life phase to another and as I grew in my career. Sometimes mentors appeared. More often they remained hidden, a sort of treasure I once told myself I must not be worthy enough to find.

Over time, I learned I could get to the next level on my own. But if I’m being honest, it was often a lonely journey. Then in the Winter of 2012, I decided that if I couldn’t find a mentor for myself I might as well become a mentor to others. I became a personal development coach, started working with non-profits, and let many of my advertising peers know that if aspiring strategists needed advice they could contact me. Secretly, I still longed for mentorship and guidance. I wondered if other people wished for it as much as I did.

A few weeks ago, I mentored five bright, aspiring strategists through the first ever Griffin Farley Search for Beautiful Minds. I did this to honor Bartle Bogle Hegarty’s Griffin Farley, a brilliant strategist who was known for giving his time to young strategist looking to break into the business. If time is love, and I believe it is, he gave a lot of love. Griffin passed away earlier this year due to a rare form of cancer. Though I never met Griffin in person, he has altered my life forever.

When people ask what my goals are in life, I always say the same thing—to help someone else do the impossible. On July 18, 2013 Griffin and BBH helped me do that.

It was a long, long shot. 10 teams of 5 had been selected from many applicants. The finalists received a crash course in strategy and then applied what they learned to the execution of a brief for New York’s Citi Bikes. Only one team could win … and win, we did. (See how we did it via Rainbow’s post.)

I’m proud we won. But it was never really about winning. The team Gautam Ramdurai and I mentored was comprised of a bunch of driven, passionate, and collaborative strategists who pushed themselves long after Gautam and I left the work sessions. They had the same values and the same goals—be extraordinary and make Griffin proud.

The spirit of Griffin’s generosity continues through BBH and every mentor that participated in the event 2013 and will participate in the future. It gives me hope that over time my generation and the next will not want for guidance and leadership, but rather we will come together to offer each other support.

Thank you to Rainbow Kirby, Mackenzie Beer, Daniela Madriz, Elicia Banks-Gabriel, and Jonathan Wang for allowing me to help guide you. Thank you to Sarah Watson, Angela Sun, and everyone at BBH for creating this beautiful and inspiring event. And thank you to Griffin for showing us that the mentorship we long for is possible and for reminding us that we are never alone.


Team “E”- I will never forget you.