At some point I will ask you to tell me your story, the good parts and the bad. So it’s only fair that I tell you mine.


About The Early Years

I grew up wanting to be on stage. Acting, singing, dancing … it didn’t matter. I loved performing, and I worked hard to make sure my performances were as good as they could be. This driven mentality was part of my DNA from the tender age of about three. It persisted all the way to high school.

There, it was undisputed that one day I would become the captain of my high school dance team. I was proud to have worked as hard as I did to be as good as I was, and I couldn’t wait for my name to be announced to the school as my team’s next leader. I was driven, fearless and maybe even a little naive. In my mind there was absolutely no reason not to do anything I wanted to do.

However, this vision I had for myself never actually became reality. The coach gave the captain position to someone else. In my mind it wasn’t fair, and I didn’t understand how something like that could happen. This was the first of many big disappointments and “failures” in my life. I couldn’t find a point to being on the team anymore. So I quit.




About LaLa Land

After college, I worked as a professional actress in Miami Beach. Within a year, I’d shot a few commercials, and even made one of my dreams come true by appearing in a soap opera called Ocean Avenue. I was by no means a star, but it looked like I was on my way to success. BUT, I wanted more. I wanted to be the best at something again like I was in high school. I thought being the best might take a long time in Florida. So I packed my bags and shipped my car all the way across the country to Los Angeles.

As much as I had tried to prepare myself to live in LA where I knew only a handful of people, I was not prepared. I went from having several agents to having none. I went from going on multiple auditions a day to one or two a month. I went from being a working actress to working odd jobs. I encountered more disappointment and failure than I ever had before. 

It was the loneliest time of my life. When the shit hit the fan, which it did more than once, there was no one there to help me pick up the pieces. 

About Starting Over

Month two into my stay in Los Angeles I remember thinking that it didn’t feel right, and I didn’t belong there. Still, it took two and a half years to learn to listen to my heart, quit acting and move to New York.

I remember a conversation I had with my friend Cassie not long after I moved to New York. I was talking in circles about my career, family and guys. This went on for a quite a while until Cassie finally stopped me and said, “You know Brooke, your inside and your outside don’t match up. On the outside you’re this beautiful, put together woman but on the inside it’s a big old mess.” As harsh as that sounds, I knew she was right. I was a mess, and I was really scared to change.

I remember asking myself, Is this really how you want your life to be? The answer was NO. So I enrolled my scared little butt in the personal development seminar I’d been avoiding for years and started to recreate my life. I took a look at the things I really wanted, what was stopping me from getting them and how I was going to breakthrough.

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About The Power of Now

I went back to school and learned about a discipline that really interested me, brand strategy. Brand strategy is the perfect blend of intellect and creativity. It allows me to focus on my strengths. It also allows me to write, ideate, speak publically, and travel—all things I love.

As I grew in my career and as a person, I looked for opportunities to share what I had learned. One winter, a friend of mine called to tell me about a program that needed life coaches. The training I received during the course of that program and the programs that followed enriched my life in ways I couldn’t have even imagined.

Since then, I’ve spoken at conferences on strategy and personal development. I’ve been a judge for prestigious industry awards and sat on high level committees. I’ve taught at startups and top schools, including Miami Ad School. I’ve written for MindBodyGreen, Elephant Journal, Levo League, Holstee.  I’ve been written about or featured in articles on Examinar, Catchafire, Wharton’s KWHS, and Make My Digiday.

I launched my strategy, research  and coaching business based off a desire to work with ambitious, courageous and genuine people who want to make a real impact. 

How I Went From Where I Was to Where I Am

First of all, I did a lot of work. The hard kind. The kind that leaves you with swollen, a stuffy nose and notebooks full of thoughts and memories. But also …

  • I had coaches and mentors. Then I became a coach and mentor. My learning curve was off the charts because I was constantly receiving and handing out information.

  • I reconnected with myself and started doing the things I loved again.

  • I failed. A LOT. Each time it got easier to pull myself back up again.

  • I stopped spending time with people who didn’t understand me and were not working on something that makes the world better.

  • I made a choice to love myself again, to be the powerful person I am at my core and to share my story and knowledge with everyone I possibly can.


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