We are connected in our stories and our stories are always full of resilience, courage and power. That’s why my mission is to inspire you to uncover and share your purpose and story, personally and professionally.

I’m a brand strategist and clarity coach who helps creative entrepreneurs uncover and connect to their purpose, build their brand and unlock the power in their story. When you work with me you will cultivate the ability to truly own who you are and to share that with the world. I work with you to create a collaborative strategy that pulls together your unique brand strengths and life experiences into a compelling and cohesive business. 

Why focus on both brand and life? It’s simple. They’re connected. So much so that when you alter one, you will definitely alter the other.


Stop waiting. Start taking MAJOR Action on Your Business and Your Life. Work directly with me.

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diane“Brooke was an answered prayer. Her coaching is phenomenal. It’s a deep yet pointed conversation aimed at uncovering useful information about yourself. It’s an exciting treasure hunt with Brooke as your guide, where you are guaranteed to walk away with the jewels you can use to build a rich life-a life you’ll love.”

-Diane Johnson, Former Miss Jamaica/Youth Mentor

Salony“Brooke is super talented, energetic and gifted at being direct and to the point. She will inspire and challenge you to bring forth the greatness within you. I can’t thank her enough for helping me stay focused on my projects and channel my energy towards what I wanted. I am truly grateful to her for directing my energy towards my life’s purpose! ”

-Salony Setya, MA, LPC, Clinical supervisor/Private Consultant

scott“Brooke is an amazing person and coach. She has an innate ability to help you dig with in yourself to find the tools necessary to be successful in every aspect of your life. Her coaching has had a huge impact on my life and helped shape me into who I am today.”

-Scott Gudmanson, Former Pro Hockey Player/MBA Candidate

kimberly“Brooke came at just the right time, helping us see through our program’s brand identity from beginning to end. Her enthusiasm and dedication to this project, even during her downtime, was infectious and inspiring. We definitely couldn’t have done it without Brooke’s commitment and willingness to be a visionary!”

-Kimberely Cheng, Digital Media and Education Officer at World Federation of the United Nations

kristin“Brooke knows brands. Having worked on several projects with her, she has the unique ability of finding the identity so many brands are searching for. She pulls from real life experiences, questions the status quo, and stays relevant with today’s culture to deliver a strategy that is specific and effective. The passion, dedication and drive Brooke puts into each project makes me look forward to working with her again.”

-Kristin Campbell, Senior Copywriter at Avrett Free Ginsberg

Julio“Brooke is a talented, smart woman who I LOVE for being straightforward. Her level of creativity and dedication makes her an outstanding coach. She played a key role helping me overcome many life challenges. Thank you, Brooke!”

-Dr. Julio Ballestas, MD


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